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Here's What People Are Saying About Us

"In the 3 years since we found En Pointe, it has become my daughter's happy place! It is a great dance studio where children develop into amazing dancers, learn about teamwork, build confidence and develop life long friendships. I would highly recommend this dance studio!!!" - Colleen Cushman

"Great dance school and dedicated teachers! My daughters love it. They have attended for six years and have built strong friendships and continue to develop their dancing skills." - Jennalyn Whitely

"I grew up at this Studio, ten years of dancing to be exact. This place is not only a studio but also a second home and family. This is not only a place to come and learn how to dance it is also a place to feel safe and grow up to become a beautiful dancer and person." - Madison Anusky 

"When we walked into En Pointe years ago, my daughter was interested in taking a ballet class. Little did we know that she would gain so much more than that one class. Aside from the wonderful dance training, she has learned how to master time-management skills, she has learned what it means to be a team-player, she has learned how to lead by example and has gained a confidence that not only shows when she is on the stage but in every aspect of her life. Each student is mad e to feel special and every dancer has their moment to shine. The owners and instructors treat every child as if they were their own and continue to do so even when classes have ended for the night. My daughter (who is an only child) gained an extended family when she joined En Pointe. I will always be grateful for all the added "extras" that she gained from being part of this studio. Best decision we ever made was when we walked through those doors all those years ago!" - Colleen DiTullio

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