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All Stars (Ages 14+)

All Stars Dance Program for Ages 14+

Students in this age/skill level can enjoy classes in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Irish, Contemporay/Lyrical, and Acro.  These classes are 1 hour in length and are the perfect for teens.  Whether you are looking for a trendy hip-hop class or an inspiring contemporary class the All Stars dance program will keep your teen moving, create lifelong bonds and build confidence. 


One of the oldest forms of dance, classical ballet technique emphasizes line, posture, control, balance, grace, poise, and discipline while utilizing the French terminology. This technique is taught through barre, center work and across the floor movements. This class is highly recommended for all students to ensure proper training free from injury, as it is the essential basic foundation to all forms of dance! Class enrollment is not determined by age, but by student’s level.


This is an extension of ballet technique where female dancers use pointe shoes. This class is offered to intermediate and advanced ballet trained dancers. You must have a strong ballet background to be eligible to attend. The dancer must be enrolled in at least 2 ballet technique classes with teachers approval and doctors note.


Jazz technique combines rhythmic forms of movements using isolations and the entire body. This class starts with a warm-up exercise focusing on flexibility, strength, and coordination to music. The rest of the class is a combination of across the floor exercises and high energy movements creating challenging dance combinations.


A form of dance in which feet create rhythmic patterns and sounds. This form of dance develops a strong sense of rhythm, coordination and agility.



A commercialized, very popular style of dance with urban influences, as seen in music videos, and TV. It is a more relaxed class atmosphere where dancers experience a fun workout.


Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that abandons the rigid, centered aspect of classical forms of dance, and utilizes unconventional movements from styles around the world. It incorporates certain elements of ballet, modern dance, and jazz.


Lyrical dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Most lyrical dance pieces are performed to music with lyrics and the lyrics of the song are what the choreography of the dance is based on.  The songs chosen usually express very strong emotions, like love, joy and anger.  Lyrical dance is very graceful with moves flowing smoothly and seamlessly.  Jumps are high and turns are very fluid.  Lyrical is one of the most expressive forms of dance to watch.


Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.  It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theater and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

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