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New Software and Parent Portal

Check it out! En Pointe has new software! And a new Parent Portal that you can save to your device! To better serve our students and families, we have developed a new software provider that has many great features! 

1. Parents get custom access to their weekly schedule, upcoming news and events, student report cards and notes, recital music, practice videos along with paying tuition. 

2. Easy AutoPay: Save your credit card in the system and payments will be automatically charged.

3. Online Registration: Easier than ever to register online with a live registration system that shows tuition along with any multi class discounts.

4. Online Ticket Sales: Buy recital tickets right from the app or our very own website. This service provided by the online ticket sales software has the lowest service fees in the industry.

5. WDSP-TV STREAM: Coming Soonl!  Continually playing in the waiting room with scrolling news, featured stories, looping streaming video. This feature keeps our parents up to date with what is going on in class and around the studio.


ALL CURRENTLY ENROLLED students will receive a link to register in the new system.

Simply use this link to access the new system and to register for Fall 2019-2020 Season.